monitorii - the human side of e-commerce

What is monitorii?

monitorii is a service that allows an e-shop help its customers and users during the purchasing process


monitorii allows you this and much more


Go beyond chat and have real video or audio conference with your users. Seeing a real person will improve your client's confidence on your store

Screen sharing

You can't help your users if you can't see what they see. monitorii allows you to share your user screen and interact with it as if you were sitting next to its side


Not only you can see your user screen, you can even interact with it in many ways: filling out forms, redirecting to other pages, highlighting areas, send documents, etc.

Works on any device

Whether your users are on desktop or mobile, we handle it. On responsive sites you will see exactly the same layout the user is seeing

Record the sessions

With monitorii you can record your users' sessions and learn about their behaviour

No installs

Everything works inside your browser. No need to install anything!

Total communication

Chat is very convenient but you can go much further. With monitorii you can have audio and video conference with your clients right inside your page. It is like having a skype right on your page. Speaking with your clients is just one click away with monitorii! Whether your clients want to use their webcams is up to them but they will always have the chance to see a real person on your site.

Total colaboration

With monitorii, you can see your client's screen at any moment. But not only you can look, your client will see your mouse pointer and you will be able to help him as if you were at his side. It is an idea similar to remote desktop software but limited to the browser and there is no need to install anything! You can scroll the page, fill forms, redirect your user, anything! Any user's need can be solved with monitorii.

Total integration

monitorii can be installed on any store, regardless of the programming language or technology used. But we are going further, we are developing plugins and add-ons for the most common e-commerce platforms such as Prestashop, Magento and more. With these integrations, you will have monitorii on your site backend simplifying all the management.

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